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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  January 20, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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or visit only $84.99 for high-speed inteternet and phone. plus your choice of either no annual contract or a two year price guarantee. call or visit today. hurry -- this offer won't last long. contact t the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006 >> live and in hd, this is "abc 7 news at noon," on your side. this is abc 7 breaking news. >> we begin with the storm watch. police in prince george's county surging right now for two suspects in a home invasion. incident happened about an hour
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ago in 8400 block of carrollton parkway in new carrollton. one person inside the house was injured. police are searching for two men wearing black ski masks possibly armed. if we will continue tracking this story and give you updates as they become available. you also want to get ready because winter is on its way back to our region. that begins in a few hours. adam caskey is tracking this from the weather center. what is the latest? >> it looks like the wintry mix will begin close to about 10:00 p.m. this evening and into the nighttime if we will see areas of snow and sleet. then changed to freezing rain early tomorrow morning in some spots. by the midday and afternoon tomorrow at least locally and for the majority of our viewing area we will have areas of cold rain. right now it's 27 in winchester, 35 in the district, 28 in gaithersburg. with areas of moisture moving
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our way, we will have areas of snow developing by 10:00 p.m. winter storm watch in effect for some counties north west of the metro. more about that and accumulations, coming up. >> winter theory creating a big mess out west. rising floodwaters in oregon from the melting snow and ice for a whole city to evacuate. half of the town of turner is under water. in washington state the massive ice storm is bringing down tree branches on to power lines. and has knocked out power to about 270,000 people. it could be into the weekend or possibly next week before the lights come on. as far east as cleveland bumper-to-bumper traffic as jammed the roads after blowing snow and ice caused accidents there. we have breaking news we are following from in cumberland. a child has died after flames broke through a home this morning around 6:00 a.m. in a row house on harrison street.
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6-year-old girl was rescued but died in the hospital. her 10-year-old sister is missing. they believe the missing child was in the house when the fire started. the girl's mother and a 7-month- old baby escaped unharmed. five other homes were damaged in the blaze. in the race for the white house it has been a world with an 24 hours on the campaign trail. the final four republicans are out in force in south carolina before tomorrow's primary. one of them has picked up a major local endorsement. this is on the heels of a debate that was school of fireworks. jummy olabanji has the latest >> . mitt romney has picked up some steam with a major endorsement this morning coming from virginia governor bob mcdonnell. the latest polls have mitt romney and newt gingrich neck and neck. former house speaker and presidential hopeful newt gingrich is riding high with voters today. he drew momentum with
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conservatives after lashing out of the media if during last night's debate in columbia. he chastised the cnn anger john king, who asked him to respond to allegations that he wanted an open marriage made by his ex- wife and during an exclusive interview on abc news last night. >> i think the destructive vicious, negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country harder to attract decent people to run for public office. and i am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that. >> the final four gop candidates are crisscrossing carolina in the final hours. ron paul at the southern republican leadership conference in charleston. >> my views are different in reality than the other candidates. >> mitt romney at a rally in gilbert. >> this campaign is not just replacing one person as president. this campaign is about taking
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back america and restoring american values. >> rick santorum at a faith, family, and freedom town hall in lexington. >> we are running on all four wheels and doing very well. we will surprise a lot of people in south carolina tomorrow. >> recent polls have ron paul in third place and rick santorum in fourth place in south carolina but the latest rasmussen poll shows one-third of likely and south carolina primary voters could change their minds before tomorrow, so things could get interesting. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> our sister station news channel 8 will have wall-to-wall coverage. scott thuman will be hosting. and kris van cleve is in south carolina and will be there as the votes are counted tomorrow. we invite you to stay with abc 7 and "politico as well as news channel 8 for continuing coverage. we have more breaking news.
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sad news from the entertainment world. legendary singer etta james has died. her manager announced the death less than an hour ago. she died from complications from leukemia. of course she is best known for the song "at last." she was 73. there's no concern about the crew ships sinking off the coast of italy. officials say the cruise liner may slip off of its alleged and that would cause it to sink farther into the water and a rupture the fuel tank. an underwater robot will study that today to see if there is a way to see if its stake in anger the ship into its current location. the much criticized captain is getting support in his hometown today. >> he is a good father, a good husband. as a captain, i have not had the pleasure -- >> they are great family. he's a great person. they have a great daughter. great people. >> is under house arrest, facing
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charges. 11 people dead, 21 remaining missing, including a couple from minnesota. it was really supposed to be the tip of a lifetime, a local mother and daughter are glad to be alive and are suffering from horrible images. an amazing story you will see only on abc 7. john gonzalez has more. >> when her daughter graduated from the university of maryland's last year she promised her a dream mediterranean cruise. we all know it ended in nightmare. she said there was panic, and chaos, and no one was in control. >> my daughter said that the ship is sinking and sent a message to our family that we love them. >> she feels blessed to be alive. she and her daughter were some of the last passengers to make it onto lifeboats from the costa concordia. >> she said we have to get out of here. >> these photographs were taken
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with their camera while onshore. for them the nightmare started when they felt the ship sway violently and then their fifth floor cabin began filling with water. >> so many people were trying to push everybody. >> it was supposed to be an unforgettable vacation. for five days it was. but border that they saw and felt in the last hours of the trip will stay with this mother forever -- the horror. >> i cannot sleep. swim go to the shore, leave me alone, don't worry about me, i told my daughter. >> she was forced to sleep on a cold and charged for overnight after being rescued. if she is feeling tremendous sadness for those lost and anger towards the ship captain francesco schettino. >> he left. >> she says it was beyond
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irresponsible. five days at sea and not one emergency drill. i asked if she would never go back on a cruise. she said perhaps, but not any time soon. live in college park, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thanks for that report. a teenager in spite of any county is facing charges accused of firing a bb gun at a school bus. 31 freedom middle school students were on the bus around 3:00 yesterday afternoon on rappahannock drive. 18-year-old xavier lewis shot at the bus. school officials found in dense above the lot of windows. no students injured. authorities quickly arrested incom -- arrested him. plans broke out this morning at and ihop restaurants in laurel. no one was hurt. firefighters in prince george's county say the fire destroyed the roof and the ceiling of the
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restaurant. the extent of the damage is not clear. there's a new movement for occupiers. today it is occupy the courts. people are demonstrating at federal courthouses all across the country including at the u.s. supreme court. some protestors are dressing up like supreme court justices. occupiers are protesting the court's decision to allow super pacs to spend an unlimited amount of money for political campaigns. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, out of control flames wind-fueled fire destroying homes, and fear for the u.s. vice-president. and a tragic death and attributes pouring in for a skier sarah burke. and changing the way we define autism. 7 is on your side with what it would mean. and adam caskey is back with the winter storm watch. snow and freezing rain on the
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>> attributes are pouring in from all over the world honoring freestyle skiers sarah burke. nine days after suffering severe brain injuries in a practice run crash, the star has died. the 29-year-old canadian woman did not just conquered the sport of free skiing, she created it. >> enormous. >> combining the skill of skiing with the excitement of extreme snowboarding. >> amazing work from sarah burke. >> today and the sport that she brought to life is morning her death and questioning how happened. >> she was doing something well within the realm of her abilities, something she had done many times before. >> the six-time x games gold
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medalist fell at the bottom of a super piping used on nine days ago. she was training for the x games. the fall was harrowing. she is severed a vital artery and went into cardiac arrest. the brain damage was too dear. overnight her family said the family wishes to express their deep gratitude to sarah's dear friends for their love and support. it follows no border suffered a traumatic brain injury on the same course in 2009 and no longer competes. >> there's nothing mellow about the sports we are doing and the tricks we are doing. >> if this new accident will reignite questions about the safety of the sport. gems have gotten higher over the years and tricks more dangerous. -- jumps have gotten higher. but no one is questioning her legacy. >> she is a pioneer. >> largely thanks to her efforts, free skiing will be an
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olympic sport in 2014. 7 is on your side with a definition change that could be ratified in the fight against it autism. a panel is reassessing the definition of autism. proposed changes would narrow the criteria for autism and related disorders such as as burger syndrome and could also dramatically reduce the number of autism diagnoses, which have skyrocketed in the last several years. today lieutenant colonel, a former tuskegee airmen, is being given full military honors at arlington national cemetery. lieutenant colonel weather's died in october at age of 90 years old. -- wethers. he shot down two german fighters in world war ii, saving american bombers that he was escorting. we will have much more on the colonel's life and service tonight at 5:00 o'clock. following a developing story
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from nevada. a fast-moving fire destroyed a least 20 homes. brush fire broke out near reno high school and that is where vice president joe biden was speaking yesterday. as a matter of fact, officials asked the secret service to end the event early so they could evacuate the school and fight the fire right there on the backside of the building. >> they just told me if i don't let you guys get out of here relatively soon they are going to make you get out of here. >> thousands of people remain evacuated at this hour. i should mention that no one was injured in that incident. they were able to evacuate the school. turning now to the weather. we are not dealing with anything like that. it's going to be cold. i think that will be fine for football. many people want to get out to sea the red tails movie. >> the whole weekends will be kind of an indoor weekend. >> stay inside. >> let's look at the forecast.
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we have a lot to talk about. i like this. if we have a lot to analyze, a lot to figure out. let's start with the winter storm watch in effect no request of the metro area. momentarily. this map will be changing. we have a winter storm watch in effect no request of the immediate metro especially west of the blue ridge. if appears the satellite and radar composite. overall, it's fair amount of cloud cover especially locally and south of town. you will notice a general increase in the cloud cover through the late afternoon and into the evening. i want to point out a few features. down to our south, areas of rain organizing. we will tap into a little bit of that moisture that's coming together from the gulf of mexico. that is headed our way. from the west we have energy causing the clouds in the area to drop snowfall in the midwest. we have the trigger mechanism and kicked in our atmosphere to
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help cause precipitation. temperatures at the ground and aloft will be conducive to a fair amount of snow and sleet at the beginning of this system. then it changes the freezing rain. accumulations of are difficult in this situation. in terms of time lines snow to sleet starting at 10:00 p.m., changing to sleep in the overnight while we are sleeping around 3:00 a.m. and then by 4:00 a.m. in the metro area we could see a change to a freezing rain for a few hours. then by 8:00 a.m. in the metro area we will see that changing to just cold rain. here's the futurecast. 10:00 p.m., areas of snowfall and sleet moving into. town while into. by 4:00 a.m., warming up just enough where we could see a little freezing rain working its way into town and then changing into all rainfall locally. but northwest of the metro where
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we have the winter storm watch and where we will have higher accumulations, i am not convinced we will see a change into rain or freezing rain. we will have around 1 inch of snow or sleet around the beltway and immediate area. if to the north and west and you could be in up to 3 inches of snow and sleet. possibly local higher amount than that. maybe some guys on top of that according inch, you see the change to freezing rain. sunday, low clouds and drizzle and a little sleet with no accumulation. a dreary day. >> a good excuse to stay home. we have breaking news. a gas leak has forced evacuations at a prince william county school. fred glen middle school in woodbridge. they're staying in a neighborhood church. food will be provided for lunch. we will have much more on that breaking news situation as soon as details come to our newsroom.
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coming up on abc 7 news, what would you do if you saw a drop mother handing her child to the key is if she's drunk? >> girls pledging their virginity to their fathers. >> i will remain sexually pure. >> is expecting your
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> we all know it's not safe to get behind the wheel after you have had too much. but would you consider handing the keys to your child? this is a scenario several people faced tonight in "what would you do?" the host is joining me now.
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john, i understand denied your hidden cameras show how people reacted when the clearly impaired mother tries to get her daughter to drive home. >> yes, here we are once again with our hidden cameras catching all kinds of situations, good and bad. in this case it was based on a real-life situation that happened in florida and has happened all over the country. a parent that has had so much to drink that they asked their kids, some as young as 11 years old, to do the driving for them. they give them the keys and say take me home. the reactions were unforgettable, some of the stuff we got. >> that's what i want to hear about. there really were strong reactions from people who did not realize what they were seeing was not a real-life scenario. >> they really it's thought it was real. and of course we have this woman pretending she was giving
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her keys to the young girl. one man stepped up right away and said you are not going anywhere. not only did he call 911, but he physically got behind the car standing behind a car in the s -- in the parking space preventing it from backing up. and then we have a woman who tried with humor to keep the woman from getting in the car taking the keys away and saying i to take you home, i have a big yummy car, you are not going anywhere. when i went to the scene, she just about collapse. i was hoping that was what she would do. you always leave us thinking what would i do? we invite our viewers to watch tonight for the return of the prime-time show on abc 7 at 9:00.
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>> it ready for the cold. >> a wintry mix tonight. you need the snowshoes or budd -- or boots. it will be slushy early tomorrow morning and tonight. slippery spots on the road. cold rain tomorrow by midday. upper 50's on monday with some rainfall. >> kind of disappointing. thanks for joining us this midd
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